The Board of Directors is assisted by the management, which implements the strategy set out by the Board of Directors and reports to it.

Liévin Van Overstraeten

Effective leader (pending the approval of Fsma)

Jean-Luc Colson1

Chief Finance Officer, Effective leader

Jean-Luc Colson (° 1974) holds a degree in accounting (HEMES Sainte Marie). He has held various jobs of a financial nature, including at AXA Belgium and ING Real Estate.

Filip Van Wijnendaele2

Chief Operating Officer, Effective leader

Filip Van Wijnendaele (° 1976) holds a Master and a teaching qualification in trade and diplomatic sciences (HUB), holds a Master in Business Economics (KUL) and a post-graduate degree in real estate (KULAK). He has held various management positions in the past, among others at Immobiliën Hugo Ceusters and at Société des Centres Commerciaux de Belgique (SCCB).

Johan Van Overstraeten

Effective leader (pending the approval of Fsma)


The RREC is very much aware of the fact that its housing mission can only be efficiently executed thanks to the daily and motivated efforts of its staff; it is surely its most valuable capital and the only one allowing it to excel in the market it operates in. It is therefore very concerned in providing all necessary means for the personal development of its employees. As the team is limited the emphasis is on short communication lines and interactive and dynamic teamwork; besides, each team member is also subject to an annual comprehensive evaluation by the Appointments and Remuneration Committee based on previously assigned tasks and targets for the next year.

The management (4 persons) leads a team of 42 employees as per 30 June 2018.
The teams are divided as follows:

  • the Effective Leaders, 1 assistant, 1 communication/HR , 1 legal counsel;
  • the Acquisition and Sales team of 3 employees;
  • the CFO and his team of 5 employees (accounting – management of outstanding rent – IT);
  • the COO and his team of 21 employees (administrative, commercial and technical management of buildings);
  • the Development team of 10 employees (1 construction manager, 7 project leaders, 1 architect, 1 assistant);

When putting together and adding employees to its teams Home Invest Belgium strives to maintain teams with varied profiles, which complement each other in terms of age and experience in order to make the most of this wealth of diversity while ensuring a high level of competence.

1 In his capacity of permanent representative of SPRL Ylkatt.
2 In his capacity of permanent representative of SPRL FVW Consult.