The Factory

HIB in a nutshell

As Belgium’s market leader in residential rental properties, we stay close to our core: 89.2% of our portfolio consists of residential real estate. A smaller portion goes to shops (8.0%) and offices (2.8%).

Our portfolio consists of more than 2,000 rental properties spread over Belgium and the Netherlands with a value of €636 million (2019):

  • The Netherlands: 9.4%
  • Flanders: 11.4%
  • Wallonia: 14.0%
  • Brussels: 65.2%

The strong focus on Brussels is a conscious choice. As the capital of Belgium and the European Union, Brussels is the perfect place for the residential real estate market. With 1.2 million inhabitants and an annual population growth of 0.76% (compared to 0.40-0.44% for the rest of Belgium), the city contains a rapidly increasing tenant potential. Moreover, it is a receptive audience: no less than 60% of Brussels residents rent. This can be compared to 30% for the rest of Belgium (2017).

HIB on the stock exchange

We floated on the stock market in 1999 (ENX: HOMI). In doing so, we put the safety of our shareholders first. As a Regulated Real Estate Company, (RREC) we comply with strict rules, and therefore maximise that safety:

  • A maximum debt ratio of 65% (current debt ratio: 50.11%)
  • Minimum 80% of the profit must be distributed in dividends.

For the past 20 years, our dividend growth and value creation has increased every year. HOMI shares bought in 2008 are now worth 5 times more. The current figures (2019) speak for themselves:

  • Net rental result: €25.1 million
  • Occupancy rate: 95.4%
  • Debt ratio: 50.1%
  • Gross yield per share: 4.25%
  • Gross dividend per share: €4.85

Even now, during the corona crisis, residential real estate is a robust core. Housing is and will remain a primary need, which also takes precedence for people, even in turbulent times.