Data per share

IN EURO2017201620152014
Net asset value (before distribution)65.9865.1963.6066.15
Net asset value after adjustment for the interim dividend (before distribution)69.7368.9467.3566.15
Property result6.415.355.265.71
Operating result before portfolio result4.323.643.313.89
Portfolio result0.683.672.333.53
Net result4.145.694.865.14
Net current result excluding IAS 393.082.652.232.61
Increase in value(1)0.791.591.202.06
Gross dividend4.504.254.003.75
Distribution ratio96.54%96.75%95.81%88.93%
Return to shareholders5.295.595.205.81
Return in %(2)8.11%8.82%7.86%9.07%

(1) The difference between the share price at the end and beginning of the year (excluding interim dividend).
(2) Return divided by the net asset value at beginning of the fiscal year.