Profile of the investors in Home Invest Belgium shares

Given the favourable regime of Regulated Real Estate Company (RREC), and especially residential RRECS, the Home Invest Belgium share can be an interesting investment vehicle for investors, whether private individuals or institutions.

Compared to a direct investment in residential buildings, investing in Home Invest Belgium shares has several advantages:

  • to be free of the growing constraints – both technical and administrative – resulting from the direct management of residential buildings, as well as of the risk of vacancy or default which will also increase over time

  • to benefit from the advantages offered by this type of investment: a good spread of the investment risk, professional management, the high transparency of the RREC because of its Corporate Governance and favourable provisions on the legal and tax level

  • to benefit from the obvious improved liquidity of its real estate, given the stock market listing of the shares of the RREC.