Reference code

This Corporate Governance Statement is based on the provisions of the Belgian Corporate Governance Code 2009 (“Code 2009”) and on those of the law of 6 April 2010 on the amendments to the Company Code.

The Royal Decree of 6 June 2010 has indicated that Code 2009 is the sole applicable code. The Code is available on the website of the Belgian Official Gazette and at

Home Invest Belgium adheres to the principles of Code 2009, without losing sight of the company’s specific nature. Home Invest Belgium believes that it complies with all the provisions of the aforementioned Code, except with regard to the following points (application of the “comply or explain” principle):

  • the evaluation of the individual contribution of each director and member of the specialised Committees (“assessment”) takes place on an ongoing basis (and not periodically), taking into account the frequency of the Board meetings, and also when renewing mandates (derogation to disposition 4.11)

  • the provisions with regard to compensation of the Executive management may derogate from the recommendations of Code 2009 (derogation to point 7.18).

  • Corporate Governance Charter

    The Corporate Governance Charter was established by the Board of directors of Home Invest Belgium and aims to provide complete information on the governance rules applicable to the company. It can be consulted here. The Corporate Governance Charter is supplemented with the risk management regulations and the internal audit regulations, which are an integral part of it.