Board of Directors


The Board currently consists of 7 directors: 6 non-executive directors and one executive director (CEO).

Liévin Van Overstraeten

Chairman, director (representative of the Van Overstraeten group)

Mr Van Overstraeten holds a degree in law (KUL 1982) and a management degree (Vlerick 1983). He has extensive experience in business management in the real estate sector both in Belgium and in Romania.
He is the CEO of De Haan Vakantiehuizen NV/SA, Behind The Buttons NV/SA, Burgerlijke Maatschap BMVO 2014, Burgerlijke Maatschap Van Overstraeten, Stavos Luxembourg SA, Stichting Administratiekantoor Stavos, Cocky NV/SA, Sippelberg NV/SA, Immovo NV/SA, VOP NV/SA, Maatschap GWG, Perispass NV/SA, Buttons for Cleaners BVBA/SPRL.

Eric Spiessens

Vice-Chairman, independent director

Mr Spiessens holds a degree in Sociology (KU Leuven), a teaching qualification for secondary education and is an engineer in Social Sciences (KU Leuven). He has many years’ experience in various management positions and was appointed as national secretary of He is the director of Auxipar, VEH CVBA/SCRL, Publigas CVBA/SCRL, Aspiravi NV/SA, Aspiravi International NV/SA, EPC CVBA/SCRL, Pronet Verzekeringen BVBA/SCRL and Sociaal Engagement CVBA-SO/SCRL-FS.

Sven Janssens

CEO, executive manager

Sven Janssens has studied architecture. After gaining experience as an architect and project manager he dedicated his further career to property management as from 2003, for Trevi Services SA. In 2006, he joined Leasinvest Real Estate and took up the function of Head of Property Management. Since 2016, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the same company.

Wim Aurousseau

Director (representing the shareholder AXA)

Holds a degree in applied economics and finance (UA) and Financial Analyst (ICHEC). He has vast experience in the management of property and companies, in the banking and insurance sector in Belgium. Since 2013, is the Chief Investment Officer of AXA Belgium.

Koen Dejonckheere

Independent director

Mr Dejonckheere has a degree in Civil Engineering (U Ghent) and an MBA (IEFSI-ECHEC, Lille-France). He is CEO of the listed company GIMV NV/SA, as well as a director of various companies in the GIMV Group and sits as an independent director on the board of Roularta Media Group NV/SA. He is the chairman of the Belgian Association of Listed Companies.

Johan Van Overstraeten

Director (representative of the Van Overstraeten group)

Johan Van Overstraeten has a broad experience managing companies, more specifically in property and software development. He is a Director of De Haan Vakantiehuizen SA/NV, VOP SA/NV, Immovo SA, Immorobel SA/NV, Sippelberg SA/NV, Cocky SA/NV, Stavos Luxembourg SA, Stichting Administratiekantoor Stavos SA/NV, Burgerlijke Maatschap Van Overstraeten, Burgerlijke Maatschap BMVO 2014 and Be Real Estate NV/SA.

Suzy Denys

Independent director

Suzy Denys holds a degree in law (Université Notre Dame de la Paix de Namur and KU Leuven) and postgraduate degrees in property studies (KU Leuven) and business management (Ehsal). She began her career as a lawyer. She then moved to Redevco, where she held various positions from 2005 to 2016 (Real Estate Manager, Head of Legal, Legal and Transactions, Director of Investments). Since 2017, she is the managing director of Codabel Management Netherlands and Head of Investments at the Codabel Group.

Hélène Bostoen

Independent director

Hélène Bostoen holds an MBA (Insead) and a master’s degree in commercial engineering (ULB Solvay). She began her career in the financial sector (United States). Since 2005, she has been active in residential real estate development. She is also co-chair of the Residential Real Estate Commission of the UPSI (Professional Association of the Real Estate Sector)

Christel Gijsbrechts

Independent director

Christel Gijsbrechts holds a Masters degree in applied economic sciences (KU Leuven) and has many years of experience in corporate finance. She began her career in the world of banking and insurance. She manages Confini BVBA/SPRL and Viafin BVBA/SPRL.


The Board of directors of Home Invest Belgium determines the company’s strategy and takes final decisions as regards investments and divestments.
It prepares the half-year and annual accounts of Home Invest Belgium, as well as the Annual financial report, which is drawn up with a view to the General meeting of shareholders, the half-year financial report, as well as the interim statements.
It approves merger reports, decides on the use of the authorised capital and convenes Ordinary and Extraordinary general meetings of the shareholders.
It ensures the precision, accuracy and transparency of the communications addressed to the shareholders, financial analysts and to the public, in the form of prospectuses, annual and half-year reports, interim and occasional press releases, and updates to the website

It delegates day-to-day business to management, which reports back to it on a regular basis on its management, and submits to it an annual budget, as well as a quarterly statement.


  • Investment committee

    The investment committee, is comprised of the following people:

    • Johan Van Overstraeten, chairman, director, representative of the Van Overstraeten group;
    • Alain Verheulpen, representative of AXA Belgium group;
    • Sven Janssens, CEO;
    • Hélène Bostoen, independent director;
    • Suzy Denys, independent director.

    It is the body that selects, analyses and prepares investment files, although the final approval of these files is entrusted to the Board of directors.

  • Audit committee

    Although Home Invest Belgium satisfies two of the three exclusion criteria reproduced in article 526 bis §3 of the Company Law1 and is therefore not required to set up such a Committee, the RREC’s Board of directors decided to set up an Audit Committee.

    It is chaired by Mr. Eric Spiessens, Independent director, and is composed of:

    • Wim Aurousseau, director, representative AXA Belgium;
    • Eric Spiessens, independent director;
    • Christel Gijsbrechts, independent director.

    It meets at least four times a year and whenever it deems this necessary in order to perform its duties.
    It is authorized to decide on the following matters:

    • Financial reporting: follow-up of the integrity and accuracy of the figures and the relevancy of the accounting standards applied;
    • Internal control and risk management: assessment of the internal control systems and risk management;
    • Internal audit process: assessment of the benefit of creating an internal audit function;
    • External audit process: recommendations with regard to the appointment or renewal of the mandate of the Auditor and his remuneration.
  • Appointment and remuneration committee

    This committee is composed of:

    • Eric Spiessens, Independent director;
    • Liévin Van Overstraeten, director;
    • Suzy Denys, independent director.

    Home Invest Belgium wanted to combine the remuneration and appointment functions in a single committee, in accordance with the rules of conduct contained in the Belgian Corporate Governance Code (2009 edition).

  • Projects Committee

    On the 28th of June 2017, Home Invest Belgium absorbed its subsidiary Home Invest Development whose teams were more specifically tasked with monitoring the portfolio development and renovation projects. In order to ensure the monitoring of the specific risks linked to such projects, the Board of Directors set up a Project Committee. The members are:

    • Mr Johan Van Overstraeten
    • Mr Alain Verheulpen
    • Mr Sven Janssens
    • Ms Hélène Bostoen